who we are

Our History
Community InRoads' mission was inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King’s sermon stressing that "a true revolution of values will soon look uneasily on the glaring contrast of poverty and wealth" in our country. It was founded by the Rev. Lee Bluemel and the North Andover North Parish Unitarian Universalist Church's social justice committee, in order to help address profound social inequities in Greater Lawrence.

In the fall of 2006 the organization expanded from a church-based program modeled after Jericho Road Project in Concord, Massachusetts to a separate tax exempt not-for-profit incorporated under the name "Jericho Road Lawrence." Since then, our programs and services expanded from volunteer professional match making to include educational and leadership programs, and a Grant Resource Center in partnership with Northern Essex Community College.

After ten years, in order to more intentionally address social justice issues in our local community, we ended our affiliation with the Concord-based Jericho Road Project and changed our name to "Community InRoads." With this change, we also opened our doors to Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Dr. Martin Luther  King

A true revolution of values will soon look uneasily on the glaring contrast of poverty and wealth.”
- Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King

The need
Lawrence and Haverhill are both under resourced  cities in contrast to the abutting communities which enjoy a median household income well above the state average. It is this profound disparity that drives Community InRoads' work in the community. 

Our Mission
To cultivate a collaborative network of effective nonprofits dedicated to enriching the lives of Greater Lawrence and Haverhill residents.

Our Values
  • We honor the inherent worth and dignity of the residents of Greater Lawrence and Haverhill and defend their rights to equitable access to services and resources.
  • We believe they have the tenacity and talents needed to create strong, vibrant communities, and that nonprofits in these cities are an essential bridge to the resources they need.
  • We recognize the importance of cultivating respectful and inclusive relationships with and among nonprofits, partners and residents.
  • We commit to affecting the collaboration of private and public city organizations, creating an environment of mutual learning and approaching our work as an opportunity to grow from each other's experiences.

Recognition and Awards

Our work within the community has been widely recognized by local media, as well as our nonprofit clients and partners.

  • Recognized by Lawyers Clearinghouse at their annual meeting in Boston for providing outstanding pro bono services to the Lawrence nonprofit community
  • 3 Community Partner Awards
  • 3 Volunteer of the Year Awards
  • Woman of the Year Award presented to our Executive Director for our work within Lawrence
  • Quota International of Lawrence's Nina Scarito Leadership Award presented to our Executive Director on behalf of our work in the Lawrence community
  • Asperger Works Award presented to our Program Director
  • Covered by the Boston Globe, the Eagle Tribune, Merrimack Valley Magazine, the North Andover Citizen, Rumbo, UU World and WCCM radio.
  • MassInc. Gateway Cities Innovation Award for our Cultural Inclusion Program