volunteer faqs

How will I know if a volunteer assignment is right for me?
Before a volunteer accepts a pro bono project, a member of our staff will facilitate a no-obligation exploratory meeting with you and the nonprofit. The purpose of that meeting is to determine if you have the time, skills and desire to work on the project. You are given a few days to decide if the project is right for you.

How long does a volunteer engagement typically last?
The length of a volunteer engagement depends upon the actual project. Some engagements can last an hour, while others can span as long as a year. Before accepting a pro bono project, volunteers should consider whether they have the time to dedicate. Project schedules are agreed upon between the volunteer and the nonprofit representative, and recorded in the scope of work document.

What happens if I get a job while I’m working on a volunteer project?
The majority of our volunteers are employed; however, it is not uncommon for professionals who are in transition and seeking employment to volunteer with us in order to keep their resumes current and their skills sharp. Before accepting a pro bono project, volunteers should assume that they will be getting a job and will be able to complete the assignment while employed. In short, although Community InRoads projects are voluntary, we ask that our volunteers and our nonprofits work together as professionally as they would if for a paid assignment.

Will Community InRoads be able to place me on an assignment to help me learn a new skill?
Community InRoads does not train individuals in new skills. All of our volunteer matches are with seasoned professionals who are experienced in the skills requested by the nonprofit.

How will I know when my assignment is done?
The Scope of Work document clearly defines when a project is considered complete. Community InRoads staff will work with you to make sure that you are working within scope.

What if the nonprofit asks me to do more than I had initially agreed to do?
The Scope of Work document clearly defines when a project is considered complete. Community InRoads’ staff will work with you and the nonprofit to ensure the project remains within the agreed upon scope. Although rare, If during the assignment you believe the project scope needs to be modified, our staff will meet with you and the nonprofit to re-define the project parameters and ensure that you have the time and interest to work within the new project definition.

Interested in volunteering with us?
Complete the Volunteer Interest Form here and we will contact you to schedule an informational interview. Or contact us directly by emailing [email protected] or calling 978-604-8803