Nonprofit faqs

How will I know if a volunteer is right for our nonprofit?
Before a volunteer match is made, we will share the potential volunteer’s resume or bio with you and facilitate a no-obligation exploratory meeting between you and the potential volunteer. The purpose of that meeting is to help determine if this is the correct match for your project. You are given a few days to decide if the volunteer is right for your needs.

What if my nonprofit does not have an office in Community InRoads’ region?
It is not necessary to have a physical office in our region as long as you serve residents in the Greater Lawrence and Haverhill area.

What type of pro bono consulting projects do you provide nonprofits?
In general, our projects are related to back office assistance with a specific deliverable(s) and that have a clearly defined scope. Other projects focus on leadership and board development. We do not provide pro bono financial audits or medical assistance. See our list of services for more information.

Are churches and other places of worship eligible to receive Community InRoads’ pro bono services?
Community InRoads will work with specific charitable programs sponsored by a religious organization as long as the programs are available to all residents of the Greater Lawrence and Haverhill community. (e.g. Soup kitchens, thrift shops, etc.) We do not provide services that are limited to serving the religious organization. (e.g. assistance with a capital campaign or marketing to further a specific religion or religious institution.)

Will the nonprofit incur any costs?
All labor is free to the nonprofit. It is rare for a nonprofit to incur other costs; however, you will be responsible for payment of such costs as equipment, room rentals, and food for meetings, etc. If your volunteer feels that other expenses are needed in order to complete the project, the volunteer will first receive your approval before making any purchases and will provide you with invoices before receiving reimbursement.