Our Volunteers

Qualified Volunteers
Community InRoads volunteers are all experienced in their field and are carefully selected based on their skills, interests, and professionalism. Qualified volunteers must be able to listen carefully to the needs of the nonprofit, as they become a working member of the nonprofit's team.

The Volunteer Experience
Community InRoads works to provide its volunteers with a deeply meaningful experience. Because volunteer assignments are typically short in nature, carefully monitored, and with a clearly defined beginning and end, many business men and women find volunteering with Community InRoads particularly attractive.

Volunteer Opportunities are available for all types of professionals, regardless of the number of hours you can contribute. Even if your skills don't match today's current opportunities, we never know when a client might come to Community InRoads with a requirement that will interest you!

The Volunteer Process:

  1. Meet for coffee with Community InRoads to learn more about our organization and to describe your professional background. At the meeting, we will help you determine if Community InRoads is right for you.
  2. When an appropriate project arises that matches your skills, interests and availability, Community InRoads will contact you to see if you are interested in exploring the opportunity further.
  3. Attend a meeting with the nonprofit to get to know the organization and thoroughly understand the project for which they are seeking assistance. The meeting is facilitated by a Community InRoads staff member. No commitment is made at this meeting.
  4. After the meeting, you decide if it's the right project match.
  5. Work with Community InRoads and the non-profit to define the parameters of the project in order to ensure the same expectations are understood by everyone, and to avoid "scope creep."
  6. Once the project specifics are clearly defined in writing, the volunteer and non-profit work together on the project.
  7. During the project, a Community InRoads staff member remains in contact with you and the non-profit to ensure a successful conclusion.
  8. When the deliverable is complete, Community InRoads and the non-profit celebrate with you. You deserve it. You have not only delivered a valuable professional service, the money you have saved the non-profit through your volunteerism can now be used to support the non-profit's programs in the community.