Center for Excellence in Board Governance

“The bottom line in an organization is that if a board is not properly structured and does not understand its responsibilities, the organization can not do what it needs to do.”
Cheryl Taylor, Foellinger Foundation

Board Tune Up (BTU) service works with individual nonprofits to develop and implement targeted action plans that will maximize the performance of its governing board, so that the ultimate mission of the organization survives and thrives.

Nonprofit participation in this program is by application only. Call 978-604-8803 for more information.

4-Phase Process

1. Assess board health and match with board development consultant

Community InRoads facilitates…
  • Initial interview with Board Chair and CEO
  • Nonprofit match with board development consultant
  • Board Roles to Board Goals* session to identify board goals and priorities
*Board Roles to Board Goals toolkit – an interactive board self assessment tool authored by nonprofit expert, Jay W. Vogt, that leads to clear goals for an annual board self-improvement plan.

2. Develop an improvement plan

Community InRoads consultant works with Board Chair to:
  • Translate results of assessment into improvement plan (what, by whom, by when)
  • Determine additional Community InRoads volunteers and other resources needed to implement plan

3. Support implementation of plan

Community InRoads consultant helps Chair stay on-track implementing plan via monthly check-ins

4. Evaluate

Board evaluates progress against baseline assessment tool